DSM Pharmaceuticals: Special Report

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Video title: DSM Pharmaceuticals: Special Report
Released on: July 27, 2010. © PharmaVentures Ltd
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In this episode of PharmaTelevision News Review, Paul Burge presents a special report on DSM Pharmaceuticals
DSM Pharmaceutical Products: Global provider of contract manufacturing and development services for biologics,pharmaceutical chemicals and finished dosage manufacturing
Paul Burge :
Hello and welcome to this special report on DSM Pharmaceutical Products. DSM Pharmaceutical Products has established its position as one of the leading partners for high quality custom manufacturing services in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical markets. DSM Pharmaceutical Products is a global provider of contract manufacturing and development services for biologics, pharmaceutical chemicals and finished dosage manufacturing.
Paul Sidhu :
DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc is a global life sciences and material sciences company headquartered in the Netherlands with about 8 billion Euros in sales with 22,000 employees on the six continents. DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc has evolved from its origins as the national coal mining company of the Netherlands and has moved through fertilizers and petrochemicals into the advanced polymers, the nutritional products and the pharmaceutical products where it excels today. DSM Pharmaceutical Products is a customer focus provider of contract manufacturing services to the pharma industry both at the scale of clinical development and full commercial launch.
Paul Burge :
DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc is focused on bring leading edge solutions to the bio manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, it has a portfolio of state-of-the-art technologies and world class contract manufacturing services at a revolutionizing speed to market and cost efficiency. The global biologics market is approaching $200 billion with double digit growth expected through 2015 based on compound annual growth rate of 21%. In anticipation of the need for optimal manufacturing capabilities to meet and maintain market demand DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc has been investing in bring optimized technologies to customers.
Primary business areas
Paul Sidhu :
DSM Pharmaceutical Products operates in three primary business areas, in the first we create the oral tablets, the topical creams, and the sterile injectibles that convert the active ingredients of drugs to their final drug form. In the second we provide the custom synthesis and manufacturing services to create active ingredients and registered intermediates and in the third area . DSM biologics produces the large chain molecules that are used in some of our most advanced medications.
Technologies and capabilities
Karen King :
Some of the technologies that we are offering are things that can really optimize the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process, so we have a upstream technology called "XD" stands for extreme density and what it does is create the ideal environment to really boost the number of the cells and the productivity of cells in the bioreactor and hence you get a greater yield by 5 to 10 times the amount, when you have such a high productivity in your upstream you created a bottleneck in the downstream, so we have some technologies that also address that the Rhobust technology and it's got the capabilities to in the capture step handle those high throughput streams out of the bioreactor capture all the product in that first step and helps again elevate the bottleneck and optimize the entire process.
Partnership with Governments of Australia
Paul Burge :
DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc has earned recognition by the governments of Australia including the Queensland State Government and the Commonwealth of Australia, it's been selected to design and operate the first major Australia-based mammalian biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility.
Anna Maria Bligh :
DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc have now become our contract manufacturing operators for our newly constructed soon to be constructed translational research institute.
Paul Burge :
DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc plans to employee its proprietary technologies using a revolutionary design to create a biologics plant of the future.
Anna Maria Bligh :
Securing a partnership with DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc means something very special for both Queensland and Australia.
David Hughes :
This new facility will provide absolute state-of-the-art world class facilities that help to complete the value chain for the Australian biotech companies of the future.
Paul Burge :
The capital required to build the facility will be fully funded by the Australian governments at an estimated $ 60 million Australian dollars with it it hopes to promote the growth of the Australian biopharmaceutical industry.
Tim Nicholls :
The $17 million coming from the Federal and State governments in order to make this deal with DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc work we gonna get a scalable facility to produce biologics in Queensland which means we don't have to always go looking overseas, we got to be able to retain some of our research here and prove it up a little further along the line before we get to the clinical trial stage very important for Queensland, very important for our bio and the life science area.
Peter Gray :
We last year went out to look for a world class CMO who could run the facility to make sure that they meet EMEA, FDA guidelines, so we are delighted with DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc they came to do it and they came out as the leader and that the groups who put their hands up the rail.
DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc 's broad technological toolbox in chemistry, biology, process technology and material sciences
Paul Burge :
DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc is proud of its broad technological toolbox in chemistry, biology, process technology and material sciences, these strongly contribute to DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc 's leadership position in sustainable manufacturing. DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc was the first non-pharma associate member to join the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute. In 2010 it received the profiles in sustainability award for its integrated approach to sustainable manufacturing of pharmaceuticals using biotechnology, chemistry and process technology. In the pharma chemicals area DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc 's green chemistry toolbox includes route scouting of enzymes and the use of microreactor technologies for commercial scale production. The tool box involves chemocatalysis and biocatalysis process intensification and the proactive management of learning curves to increase yield and reduce waste. Whether sourcing a chemical compound or biopharmaceutical DSM Pharmaceuticals can receive active pharmaceutical ingredients and convert them into finish dose forms such as sterile liquid and solid dosage finished forms. DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc partners with large, small or medium size companies to provide them with services saving high investment costs while ensuring the highest regulatory compliance for instance with sterile dosage form.
Major role in Speed to Market
Hans Engels :
We are playing a major role in the speed to market, is extremely important to get a high quality product to the market that takes 90 days to get a product from the back stage into finished dose from which can get to the customer, we are able to cut this time down typically to something around 30 days.
Luca Mantovani :
What we look for is obviously to develop a partnership in order to find out the best way to develop a process which is sustainable and which is also cost competitive.
Paul Sidhu :
Glad to share with you the stories about our advanced chemistry toolbox and how that's moving sustainability forward in the pharmaceutical industry. We are also excited to share with you our breakthroughs in technology that we think will revolutionize the future of biopharmaceutical manufacturing. DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc believes not just in profit, but also in people and the planet and we invite you to learn more about DSM Pharmaceutical Products on our website.
Paul Burge :
Well more of those details to follow, but in the mean time thank you for joining me Paul Burge for this special PharmaTelevision report.
Paul Burge
Paul Burge is TV Reporter/Video Journalist at BBC News and Freelance Producer/Presenter at PharmaTelevision Ltd. His previous positions include TV Reporter/Video Journalist at Bloomberg News, Reporter/Video Journalist at Agence France Presse, TV Correspondent at Feature Story News, Journalist at ITV and Reporter at NPR.
Paul Sidhu
Vice President
Paul Sidhu is Vice President, Marketing and Strategy DSM Pharmaceutical Products responsible for global marketing and business strategy for all business units, including biologics, pharma chemicals, and pharma dosage forms.
Karen King
President and Business Unit Director
Karen King President and Business Unit Director DSM biologics is responsible for all operations and sales for DSM biologics 's manufacturing business and biologics technology licensing. She has over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
Hans Engels
President and Chief Executive Officer
Hans Engels , Ph.D.President and Chief Executive Officer, DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc is responsible for all operations, marketing and sales for the pharma dosage forms manufacturing business. Prior to joining DSM in 1999, Hans was the vice president of production and engineering for Alpha Therapeutics and has held various executive leadership positions for Bayer AG. Hans Engels holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dusseldorf in Germany, and an M.S. and Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Aachen in Germany.
Luca Mantovani
President and Business Unit Director
Luca Mantovani is responsible for the business operations of the pharma chemicals business, covering active ingredients, registered intermediates including exclusive synthesis.
David Hughes
David Hughes CEO of BioPharmaceuticals Australia has considerable technical and commercial experience in the scale-up and commercialisation of biotech products. Most significantly, David Hughes was responsible for the design, construction and commercial operation of Australia's largest recombinant protein facility for American multi-national firm Alpharma Incorporated. Spanning more than 15 years, this project encompassed the classical drug developmental path from 'idea to invoice'. David Hughes 's role included direct responsibility for process development, pilot plant design and operation, as well as the design, construction, validation, and commercial operation of a world-scale microbial recombinant protein plant. The plant comprised fermentation capacity of two 20 000 litre fermenters and during 2002 produced over 300 kilograms of pharmaceutical grade protein to GMP standards.
Peter Gray
Professor Gray is Director of the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN), and is responsible for its strategic directions, scientific appointments, budgets, performance, representation and reporting to stakeholders.
Anna Maria Bligh
Premier of Queensland
Anna Maria Bligh was sworn in as Premier of Queensland on 13 September 2007, following the resignation of Peter Beattie. She is the State's first female Premier.She was formerly Minister for Finance, State Development, Trade and Innovation and prior to that she was Queensland's first female Education Minister.
Tim Nicholls
State Member of Clayfield, Shadow Treasurer
Tim Nicholls was elected to Parliament in 2006 after six years as Councillor for Hamilton Ward in the Brisbane City Council. Tim Nicholls is the Shadow Minister for Treasury and Future Growth.
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DSM Pharmaceutical Products
DSM Pharmaceutical Products provides custom contract manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. The company provides contract manufacturing services, including advanced intermediates, active ingredients, amino acids and derivatives, mammalian cell culture production of monoclonal antibodies, proteins, vaccines, finished dose manufacturing of solid dose products, scheduled drugs, liquids, aseptic liquid and lyophilized products, and solutions for chemicals needs. It also manufactures oral and topical dosage form products, including tablets, capsules, ointments, creams, and liquids. In addition, the company provides manufacturing technology and services to the biopharmaceutical industry. Its products are used in various end markets and applications, such as human and animal nutrition and health, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automotive and transport, coatings, housing, and electrics and electronics. DSM Pharmaceutical Products Inc.,was incorporated in 1990 and is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey. The company has production facilities in Capua, Italy; Delft, Groningen, and Venlo, the Netherlands; Greenville, North Carolina; and Linz, Austria. DSM Pharmaceutical Products, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Royal DSM N.V.
DSM biologics
DSM biologics , a business unit of DSM Pharmaceutical Products, is a global provider of manufacturing technology and services to the biopharmaceutical industry. In addition to the offering of world-class biopharmaceutical manufacturing services, DSM biologics provides and develops technologies relevant for optimized mammalian cell culture processes. Examples are the proprietary XD Technology for use with mammalian cell lines. The "XD process" leads to very high cell densities within the bioreactor, which result in maximum productivity using readily available equipment. DSM biologics 's manufacturing services provides companies with a turn-key biologic manufacturing solution reducing cost, risk and time to market.
DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc
DSM Pharmaceuticals Inc is one of three business units within the DSM Pharmaceutical Products business group. It is a global provider of finished dosage form manufacturing and related services to the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical markets " providing broad capabilities in aseptic filling of liquid and freeze-dried cytotoxic and non-cytotoxic compounds, tablets, capsules, pharmaceutical development services, and clinical trial material manufacturing for solid and injectable forms. These services are centered at a single, technologically-advanced site in Greenville, North Carolina.
DSM Pharma Chemicals
DSM Pharma Chemicals designs and produces pharmaceutical intermediates and active ingredients. The company also provides research and development services. It is located in Saddle Brook, New Jersey and has offices in Japan and The Netherlands. DSM Pharma Chemicals operates as a subsidiary of DSM N.V.
BioPharmaceuticals Australia
BioPharmaceuticals Australia forms part of the Queensland Government's 10 year biotechnology strategic plan and will build on Queensland's biotechnology, pharmaceutical and clinical trials capabilities and will provide a crucial link between research and development, clinical development and clinical trials. The Queensland Government has committed $7 million towards the establishment of the fully-dedicated contract manufacturing facility.
Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN)
Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN): The University of Queensland's Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) is Australia's first fully integrated research institute to take a multidisciplinary approach to understanding and exploiting nanostructures, the genetic basis of cell activity, and opportunities at the interface between bioengineering and nanotechnology.
State of Queensland
State of Queensland
State of Clayfield
State of Clayfield