Seeding Labs: Nina Dudnik on Collaborations and Sourcing Lab Equipment

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Video title: Seeding Labs: Nina Dudnik on Collaborations and Sourcing Lab Equipment
Released on: September 15, 2010. © PharmaVentures Ltd
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In this episode of PharmaTelevision News Review, Fintan Walton talks with Nina Dudnik, Founder and CEO at Seeding Labs. Filmed at BioChicago 2010 in Chicago, USA, they discuss:

• The functions of Seeding Labs

• Sources of lab equipment

• Working with corporate organisations and universities

• How companies and research institutes can work with Seeding Labs

Purpose of Seeding Labs
Fintan Walton:
Nina Dudnik , could you tell me how, why you set up Seeding Labs and what its purpose is?
Nina Dudnik :
The goal of Seeding Labs is to create the most well trained, well equipped interconnected really global scientific workforce in history and the way to do that is to make sure that scientists in the developing world have the resources they need to do wonderful science. And first way to start that is to get them the equipment and the consumables that they would otherwise not be able to afford.
Source and value of lab equipments
Fintan Walton:
So what is the source of these lab equipments and consumables?
Nina Dudnik :
Companies in the US upgrade their technology all the time they are at the very cutting edge and so they often have equipment that's a little bit older but not obsolete and still functioning, stashed away in a basement and we try to make sure they don't throw that in a trash and we give it second life, transfer it to scientists, teaching students at universities and doing research in the development world. Well actually last month I was in Kenya, we had a 40 foot container of lab equipment shipped from Boston directly to Nairobi, equipment came from a number of companies and universities in the greater Boston area and it arrived at Kenyatta University on March 23 rd to hundreds of students all decked out in their lab coats they met it on the highway it was welcomed into the University gates with the dance troop and flags, and drums beating and it was an unbelievable windfall for the chemistry and pharmacy students there about 3500 students that are being trained on that equipment as we speak.
Fintan Walton:
And what's the value of that?
Nina Dudnik :
If they would have to buy this equipment new it would have cost over $1.2 million and it's gone to labs in Latin America, in the Dominican Republic in Haiti in Caribbean, across Africa and so 16 countries in total, they are working on all the problems that are most important to their communities that often we don't work on here. So HIV, tuberculosis, dengue fever, local crops like cassava that we don't grow.
Working with corporate organisations and universities
Fintan Walton:
And to do this you must work with other organizations and what organizations did you work with?
Nina Dudnik :
From the corporate side we work with Novartis very closely, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Millennium, Biogen Idec, Harvard University has really been our flagship university partner, Boston University.
Fintan Walton:
And what about at the other end who do you work with there?
Nina Dudnik :
We are working with a number of universities primarily public universities across Africa, Kenyatta University, University of Nairobi, Biosciences Eastern and Central Africa which is an NGO that works to train molecular biologist's across the region.
How can biotech pharma companies and research institutes join with Seeding Labs ?
Fintan Walton:
Biotech companies, pharma companies it could be even research institutes, how can they join the program that you are developing?
Nina Dudnik :
There are lot of ways to get involved with Seeding Labs , we are looking for advisors and expertise in various areas. We are always looking for new equipment and we will take equipment and consumables as long as they are new. And we are looking for financial support to expand the programs. So for example Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research is hosting some of our Kenyan scientists in their labs for the summer, so they will train side-by-side with their colleagues from the Boston area and increase everybody's global community of colleagues.
Fintan Walton:
Fascinating, well done.
Fintan Walton
Dr Fintan Walton is the Founder and CEO of PharmaVentures . After completing his doctoral research on the genetics of cell proliferation at the University of Michigan(US)and Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland), Dr Walton gained broad commercial experience in biotechnology in management positions at Bass and Celltech plc (1982-1992).
Nina Dudnik
Founder and CEO
Nina Dudnik was a finalist in the 2006 MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition and was awarded an Echoing Green fellowship in 2007 to formally launch and expand Seeding Labs . Nina Dudnik worked for the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research in Italy where she provided advice on the integration of molecular genetics techniques into conservation and plant breeding activities. Nina Dudnik was a Fulbright scholar in 2000 at the Africa Rice Center in Cote d'Ivoire studying rice introgression using molecular markers. Nina Dudnik obtained her PhD in molecular biology from Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and a BSc in biochemistry from Brown University.
PharmaVentures is a corporate finance and transactions advisory firm that has served hundreds of clients worldwide in relation to their strategic deal making in the pharmaceutical, life science and healthcare sectors. Our key offerings include: Transactions / deal negotiations; Product / technology valuations; Deal term advice; Due diligence & expert reports; Strategy formulation; Alliance management; and Expert opinion for litigation/arbitration cases. PharmaVentures provides the global expertise to ensure our clients generate the highest possible return on investment from all their deal making activities. We have experience of all therapeutic areas and can offer advice on both product and technology commercialisation.
Seeding Labs
Seeding Labs 's mission is to support and expand scientific research in developing countries by providing affordable reclaimed laboratory equipment and facilitating connections within the global scientific research community. Registered as a 501c3 non-profit organization, Seeding Labs ensures researchers all over the world have the resources to solve pressing global problems.