KryoTrans International Ltd: CEO Chris Pollard on the Transportation of Temperature-Sensitive Goods

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Video title: KryoTrans International Ltd: CEO Chris Pollard on the Transportation of Temperature-Sensitive Goods
Released on: July 07, 2010. © PharmaVentures Ltd
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In this episode of PharmaTelevision News Review, Fintan Walton talks with Chris Pollard, CEO at KryoTrans International Ltd. Filmed at BioTrinity 2010 in Newbury, UK, they discuss:

• KryoTrans' container technology

• Advantages of KryoTrans containers

• Validations of manufacturing process

• Grant by Welsh Assembly Government for developing palletized container

• Business model of the company
KryoTrans's container technology
Fintan Walton:
Hello and welcome to PharmaTelevision News Review here at BioTrinity Newbury, Berkshire here in the UK. On this show I've got Chris Pollard, who is the CEO of the company called KryoTrans which is based in the UK, welcome to the show.
Chris Pollard:
Thank you.
Fintan Walton:
Chris Pollard, the shipment of refrigerated samples whether there are commercial products or clinical products for the pharmaceutical industry one would assume that shipment capability that the containers that are used would be already established but your company has come up with an alternative better technology in terms of containers to ship, tell us a bit about it.
Chris Pollard:
I think the first thing to say is that things have changed within this industry particularly in terms of the collusion if you like between regulations on the one hand and globalization on the other and that poses the industry with new challenges in respect of the successful transportation of refrigerated materials and from our perspective the Cold Chain if you like is a very sophisticated thing and in many ways it works fantastically well to deliver the broad majority of products in the right sort of shaped to where they should be going but new destinations bring new problems and I think it's fair to say that within the Cold Chain the biggest challenge is probably human intervention that's the weakest link in the Cold Chain and its somebody who forgets to plug a container that requires power into the wall or he forgets to replenish the dry ice which needs doing at a particular point in the journey. The KryoTrans product is fundamentally passive this is the objective to have a container which on the one hand offers prolonged compliance times so we have customers giving us data feeds back showing that they've achieved in excess of 10 or 15 days compliance which I recognized it's not required on every journey but nonetheless is a fantastic security blanket if you like to put ar ound the trip, but most importantly of all the containers are totally passive so when they set up very simple SOP at the start of the journey you can forget about it and know that at the other end provided that simple configuration as I said there has been followed properly your goods are going to be in the shape that you want them when you get to the other end.
Fintan Walton:
So the materials are used the technology is associated with that particular this particular containers means that they can be shipped for longer periods of time as well is that one of the other advantages?
Chris Pollard:
Indeed, yes. The goal standard in this industry is a 120 hours and I think it's a reasonable contention that it should be possible using international transportation to get anything from A to B within a 120 hours but that's not taking into account what happens when you are bumped of a flight where products get held up in warehousing all the other issues that actually can be associated with international transportation and therefore actually there is a surprising proportion of journeys which are not completed in that time and that's where that extra compliance time up towards 240 hours plus can actually provide, well the difference between how you describe what may be half a million pounds worth of goods and actually having them preserved.
Advantages of KryoTrans containers
Fintan Walton:
So what is it about your containers that make them different?
Chris Pollard:
Well in the first place very useable, so we've got something very, very simple. We've got very, very rigid plastic container which is tough it stands up not necessarily to a forklift standing it against the wall and charging it, but you know you going to the average cargo warehouse forklift don't pick much up they push stuff around well instead of the times of the forklift penetrating these containers though they are tough and they will stand up to that kind of thing that's the first thing. The second thing is inside the containers you've got a nest if you like of phase change materials encapsulated in plates that's where the power for the product comes from and those plates are configured according to SOPs prior to the trip. So for materials going at plus 5 there is a cocoon of a phase-change material that works at plus 4 that sits around it it's like a warm blanket if you like and outside that there are frozen plates. And I suppose the easiest way to describe it is like a damper on a car that it set up enabled to enable it to deal with temperature changes on route that may go up and then may go down this is one configuration all the around traditional forms of packaging are associated with the need to take a view on what the temperature is here what it may be on route, what the conditions are where you are going to and choose up to out of eight, nine different configurations to seek that this is one configuration doesn't matter what time of a year, doesn't matter where you are going to its one configuration and that is giving our customers a terrific amount of certainty if you like particularly as I say with globalization with the need to shift to destinations which are not so familiar where there isn't historic ambient data going back years and years and years, the fact that you haven't got a guess but you can use this one configuration and that will do the job for you takes a lot of that guess work away.
Validations of manufacturing process
Fintan Walton:
Just finally you've just a grant for development of next larger container that you are doing, but before we talk about that just in terms of development of a container like that one would assume there will be a relatively straight forward exercise but because you are shipping clinical products and commercially important products there is a whole validation process auditing that your customers will require of your manufacturing process?
Chris Pollard:
In the first place I think this is one of the barriers to enter into this market and in a sense quite rightly, because what we are dealing with a pharmaceutical products and clinical trials which are of crucial important so the first challenge for the manufacturer if you like for us is actually producing our own validations, generic validations if you like which show the broad capabilities of the product those are only so good is to get you through the first door of the pharmaceutical company if you like who will then give you their own validations which they will want you run at your expense of course to show how your container would stand up to their side of things. In many cases they don't want to audit the company as well to go along side that, so there is quite a prolonged process there in terms of proving to everybody satisfaction that this container will do precisely what it is that everybody wants on a repeated basis.
Grant by Welsh Assembly Government for developing palletized container
Fintan Walton:
Okay, so you've got this grant, could you tell us little bit about this grant and why it's important to your company?
Chris Pollard:
Now this is a SIF Grant made by the Welsh Assembly Government and it's to develop a new 1500 liter container which will take a palletized load, so a Europe pallet or US pallet that can be forklifted straight in uses exactly the same technology as KryoTrans other containers will offer the same sort of compliance times, but our customers have been telling us that they want something which will accept a pallet that's what we are gonna give them.
Business model of the company
Fintan Walton:
What's the business model for your company?
Chris Pollard:
We are very happy to sell containers to people upright if that's the way they want to use it and we have a number of customers particularly where people have used the containers to replace refrigerated trucks with ambient trucks with the KryoTrans containers on board and they've purchased them and got a very swift ROI in that model. In other situations we are very conscious that people don't want to worry about the asset management or the capital expenditure associated with that so we operate a rental system where people can rent on a weekly or two weekly basis. We have hubs established on the West and East Coast of the state just opening one in Frankfurt, so people can rent them from us if where they are going is adjacent to a hub they can return it there, if they are going somewhere more outlandish they may have to bring it back themselves but that's working very well.
Fintan Walton:
Thank you very much indeed for coming on the show.
Chris Pollard:
Thank you.
Fintan Walton
Dr Fintan Walton is the Founder and CEO of PharmaVentures . After completing his doctoral research on the genetics of cell proliferation at the University of Michigan(US)and Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland), Dr Walton gained broad commercial experience in biotechnology in management positions at Bass and Celltech plc (1982-1992).
Chris Pollard
Chris Pollard " CEO " developed Gramophone Publications for sale to Haymarket in 1999 ("10m), original investor in KryoTrans and serial first-stage investor and sits on advisory board of Themis, developer of software analysis tools for the pharmaceutical industry.
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KryoTrans International Ltd
KryoTrans International Ltd is a system of temperature-controlled, passive, tamper-evident containers that provide a complete audit trail for the transportation of products and samples for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.