Aisling Advice, PTV News: Apr 21, 2010

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Video title: Aisling Advice, PTV News: Apr 21, 2010
Released on: April 21, 2010. © PharmaVentures Ltd
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How success will breed success and give biotechs a boost

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Dennis Purcell
Senior Partner and Founder
Aisling Capital

Fintan Walton
PharmaVentures Ltd
PharmaVentures is a company that has proven success in deals and alliances.

PharmaVentures offers:

• Over 18 years of healthcare industry experience

• Experience gained from working with in excess of 1000 clients in 38 countries, and conducting more than 450 assignments

• Over 40 specialist advisors, analysts and researchers

• Skills honed in many countries - 80% of its business comes from outside the UK
Aisling Capital
Aisling Capital is a leading private equity fund that invests in products, technologies, and global businesses that advance health.

Aisling Capital is led by a group of investment professionals with diverse backgrounds in industry, science, and finance. The team’s complementary backgrounds give Aisling Capital unique perspective on the key players, events, and forces shaping the life science industry, and allow the Fund to identify investment opportunities.