AbbVie: A commitment to sustainable healthcare

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Video title: AbbVie: A commitment to sustainable healthcare
Released on: October 11, 2016. © PharmaVentures Ltd
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    AbbVie combines advanced science, expertise and passion to solve serious health issues and have a remarkable impact on people’s lives.
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AbbVie combines advanced science, expertise and passion to solve serious health issues and have a remarkable impact on people’s lives. Project Director, Oncology Development at AbbVie, discusses with Adrian Dawkes, AbbVie's commitment to a fundamentally different approach to addressing the healthcare challenges in our society.
Dr. Vincent Giranda joined Abbott/AbbVie Laboratories in 1994 in the Drug Discovery Structural Biology Group. In 1998 he became a Project Leader in Cancer Discovery. His laboratory’s studies included mechanistic studies of the potential cancer targets, including Chk1, Akt, Pim, Pin, Urokinase, and PARP. Dr. Giranda advanced veliparib (ABT-888), a PARP inhibitor, into the clinic in 2007, and it is now proceeding though multiple clinical trials in cancer patients. He moved to the Oncology Development Group within AbbVie where he is now the Project Director for the veliparib development program. Dr. Giranda earned his M.D., Ph.D. from Temple University, and his B.S. from the Pennsylvania State University. He went on to study the common cold virus as a fellow in the laboratory of Michael Rossmann at Purdue University. In 1991 he took a position at Sterling Winthrop, as part of the picornavirus team, which culminated in the development of pleconoril for the treatment of the common cold. Dr. Giranda has published over 80 manuscripts in the fields of oncology and virology, and is an inventor on 19 issued patents. He also serves as an adjunct Professor of Cancer Biology at the Vanderbilt School of Medicine and is a member of the American Association for Cancer Research and the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Dr. Giranda lives with his wife Sharon, and their two children, Nicholas and Daniel, in Gurnee, Illinois.
Innovation is the cornerstone of AbbVie’s business as a global biopharmaceutical company. Their focus is on developing medicines that can provide strong clinical performance, measurable patient benefit and economic value, particularly in areas where there is significant need, such as hepatitis C, neuroscience, immunology, oncology, chronic kidney disease and women’s health.