Paul V. Drohan, CEO & President, Life Sciences BC

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Video title: Paul V. Drohan, CEO & President, Life Sciences BC
Released on: January 12, 2016. © PharmaVentures Ltd
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In This Episode:
    Paul Drohan from Life Sciences BC talks about their role supporting the British Columbia Life Science Community.
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Paul Drohan from Life Sciences BC talks about their role supporting the British Columbia Life Science Community. This includes helping to promote a new Tech Fund of $100million from the British Columbia government aimed at potential high growth tech start-ups. He also talks about doing deals with China, and the BC Province's connection with this Asian powerhouse.
Paul V. Drohan has over 25 years of experience in the global biopharmaceutical industry, and returned last year from the United Kingdom where he lived and worked for the past eight years. Most recently, he was with Genzyme (a Sanofi Company) as Senior Global Vice President, leading the organization’s strategic, financial and sales and marketing operations performance for the U.K., Republic of Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Paul looks to bring this knowledge and experience back to Canada's life sciences sector.
Life Sciences BC's Vision To build a world-class life sciences community in British Columbia that contributes to the economic and societal wellbeing of the Province through a collaborative effort between industry, academia and government. Our Mission To broaden our representation of British Columbia's converging "bio" community by building a forum for complementary technologies, and supporting the Province's life sciences industry through advocacy, facilitation and promotion. Our Values Transparency – Maintain an environment in which staff, members and regulators can engage in open and constructive dialogue. Innovation – Be a solutions-oriented organization in support of life sciences. Inclusive – Consider various opinions and perspectives from within the life sciences community, as well as those external. Proactive – Leadership does not wait. LifeSciences BC must continue to explore new ideas with passion and objectivity. Our Core Initiatives People – Increase the general public’s understanding of the issues in B.C.’s life sciences community. Promotion – Raise awareness of B.C.’s life sciences capabilities and capacity. Partnerships – Increase membership and explore collaborations with other organizations in support of our vision. Policy – Through consultation with members and government, provide guidance on public policy.