Dr. Thomas Mander MBA, COO, Domainex

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Video title: Dr. Thomas Mander MBA, COO, Domainex
Released on: January 12, 2016. © PharmaVentures Ltd
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In This Episode:
    Thomas Mander talks about Domainex's drug discovery service with examples of the type of work they've done.
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Thomas Mander talks about Domainex's drug discovery service with examples of the type of work they've done.
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Dr Mander has over 23 years of small molecule drug discovery and translational research experience in both scientific and commercial roles. He completed his DPhil at the University of Oxford before undertaking scientific positions with the natural product company Xenova and with the Centre for Natural Product Research in Singapore. In 1995, Tom joined Glaxo Wellcome as group leader for cell-based HTS, working with therapeutic groups across Glaxo Wellcome sites and helping to discover a number of starting points for lead optimization. As well as his scientific experience, Tom has also held multiple management positions, including Vice President of Business Development at EVOTEC Biosystems. He has also been on the management teams of Tripos Discovery research and Asterand, and most recently before joining Domainex, took up a business development assignment at Biofocus (now part of Charles River Laboratories). Tom joined Domainex in April 2015 and has responsibility for operational and commercial activities for the service business of the company. He has developed relationships with organisations in the UK, Europe, North America and Japan to provide high quality and tailored solutions to support their drug discovery and diagnostic projects.
Domainex Ltd
Domainex Ltd is a contract research company that was established in 2001 and operates from Cambridge UK. In May 2007 Domainex merged with NCE Discovery to form a new integrated company with capabilities in biology and chemistry.