How close are Benitec to a 'one dose' cure using ddRNAi therapeutics?

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Video title: How close are Benitec to a 'one dose' cure using ddRNAi therapeutics?
Released on: December 11, 2014. © PTV
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    In February 2014, Benitec secured AUD31.
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In February 2014, Benitec secured AUD31.5 million in funding from quality US healthcare institutional investors This funding enables Benitec to advance TT034 to the conclusion of phase II(b) clinical trial, where significant value is expected to be achieved. The funding also facilitates advancement of all the other programs in the company’s pipeline.
Benitec is developing a novel gene silencing technology called DNA-directed RNA interference, or ddRNAi for short. The technology provides a platform for potential 'single shot cures' for a range of diseases. ddRNAi is a specific and long-lasting method for 'turning off' disease-associated genes. The technology utilises the power and specificity of RNAi, whilst avoiding many of its problems. In addition, ddRNAi can be engineered as a multiple therapy in a single molecule. Thus, it can be used to silence a specific gene, multiple sites on a gene or multiple genes. During AusBiotech 2014 Peter French, CEO of Benitec explained to Fintan Walton why they believe their technology is ‘game-changing’.
Peter French
Benitec's technology has broad applicability to all medical conditions where the permanent silencing of specific genes is indicated for treatment. The Company is initially addressing multi-billion dollar market opportunities in hepatitis B, lung cancer and cancer-associated neuropathic pain. The technology is potentially applicable to over 22,000 human genes and a much larger number of genes in disease-causing micro-organisms. Benitec's ddRNAi technology has been clinically tested in a pilot Phase I/II clinical trial on HIV/AIDS-related lymphoma patients and was proven to be safe and feasible