OssDsign – The New Approach To Cranioplasty?

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Video title: OssDsign – The New Approach To Cranioplasty?
Released on: November 25, 2014. © PTV
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    The risk of complications in cranioplasty is well known.
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The risk of complications in cranioplasty is well known. A first failure increases the risk for later problems and the need for additional surgical procedures. This causes patients considerable distress and leads to increased hospital costs.
Bo Qwarnstrom, CEO, OssDsign explains to Fintan Walton how collaboration with biomaterials researchers at Uppsala University and several years of development and testing resulted in OssDsign, a concept based on a new, innovative design and a tissue-friendly material.
Bo Qwarnstrom CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, MBA. Has more than 30 years international experience from the medical business, primarily in biomaterials, and experience from a broad range of executive and strategic positions, primarily in innovation-driven start-up companies in orthopedics, spine, oral surgery and related markets.
+46(0)768-99 85 87
OssDsign is the result of the merger between clinical understanding and a vision about innovative implant designs, on the one side, and know-how in the development and processing of calcium phosphate materials, on the other. OssDsign is also about the passion to improve clinical results and quality of life for patients. The passion is personified by Dr Thomas Engstrand, craniofacial surgeon at the Karolinska University Hospital. He observed the healing problems his patients had with existing treatment techniques and started to work on a better solution. Collaboration with biomaterials researcher Professor Håkan Engqvist and coworkers at the Uppsala University and several years of development and testing, resulted in OssDsign Craniomosaic. Craniomosaic is a patient specific implant for cranial reconstruction based on first, an innovative design; and second, tissue-friendly calcium phosphate bioceramics, which in its chemical composition looks like human bone. Promising early results led to the establishment of Oss-Q AB in May 2011 (subsequent name change to OssDsign AB). After development of a commercial design, development of a technical file and quality system, the company in June 2012 received a registration certificate from the Swedish Medical Product Agency for the manufacturing of custom made devices. Since then, patients of mainly three categories have been treated: patients with earlier failed implants hemicraniectomies and osteoradionecrosis. The three groups of patients all involve considerable therapy challenges. Nevertheless, the clinical experience continues to be excellent and indicates the following features of cranioplasty treatment using OssDsign Craniomosaic: Early healing with limited inflammation and no or mild swelling or seroma formation Uneventful long-term healing without or with limited thinning of the soft tissues Compatibility of the calcium phosphate implant with bone metabolism, with a lattice that supports bone ingrowth.