Colin Hailey,Partner, Confluence Tax LLP

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Video title: Colin Hailey,Partner, Confluence Tax LLP
Released on: December 31, 2013. © PharmaTelevision Ltd
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    Colin Hailey,Partner, Confluence Tax LLP
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Colin Hailey,Partner, Confluence Tax LLP
Colin Hailey,Partner, Confluence Tax LLP
Colin Hailey
Confluence Tax LLP
Confluence Tax LLP
The increasing complexity of the UK tax system and international nature of business creates a difficulty for management in rapidly growing businesses – where to find high quality advice which is affordable and proactive. Confluence tax was created to address this need. It is based on the following key principles: Quality Confluence Tax assists the technology and biotechnology to provide expert tax services to sectors as they have particular tax needs, distinct from mainstream UK business. As a result, we can get up to speed quickly on your issues and have an in-depth knowledge of the relevant UK and International tax issues. In addition we develop, understand and use the latest tax thinking and have highly successful experience of working with the UK tax authorities to achieve great results. Value Our approach on fees is competitive, sensible and flexible. We are always happy to discuss issues and ideas before you incur charges and once a project is underway we agree fees up front. We are happy to consider contingent fee arrangements. Style The people you meet and talk to at Confluence Tax are those who understand your business best. Therefore, those same people do the work. This results in an efficient personal service, with easy communication and rapid turnaround times. As an independent firm we can work alongside you and your other advisors as part of the team.